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  6. Notes From Breakaway - September 6, 2011

    Romans 1

    Why am I here? Why am I in college? What am I accomplishing in this moment?

    Everyone can tell you what they do. But not many can tell you why they do what they do.

    Is college worth it?

    Questions and answer of ppl: 57% of Americans say universities are failing to provide the value they are costing. What are colleges supposed to provide you? To teach you work related skills and knowledge. To grow you as a person.

    60% of college presidents said universities today are headed in the right direction. 30% said it was in the wrong direction.

    The point of all these statistic. There is no consensus in our nation today about what we are doing here.

    You feel the tension of how do I reconcile the pursuit of God with the pursuit of a degree.

    How do you pursue God and pursue a degree? Or even better, how do you pursue God with your education?

    If there is a way to eat and drink and pursue God in that it is clear that there must be a way to pursue God in college.

    Throughout history people who have worshiped God have pursued education.

    3 ways

    1. We study the creation to know the creator. Everything you see interact with and study was made by God. He owns all because He made all. Colossians 1 “made all for Him” Romans 11 “from Him through Him all things”

    What are his purposes? That we would know, enjoy, and glorify Him.

    The art shows you the artist.

    Look at what you create and what does it mean about you?

    The purpose of creation is to show us God.

    This means that the grounds of all your study teaches you about Him.

    Nonbelievers cannot understand where things came from and WHY they are ultimately here. Everything that you look at is from the heart of God.

    Your education is for exaltation. No matter what.

    Christians should be the best students on the planet because every class tells us more about our beloved.

    2. We engage in education to learn about ourselves.

    As you pursue a degree you study you. Watch your life and doctrine carefully. Know how you are built. Know how you are made.

    Notice when you hate classes and don’t follow your life into that.

    3. Our purpose of our education is that we study Him and Us so we can join Him in what He is doing.

    Education is like you stepping down into the starting blocks and focused on Him and you run after Him. When you graduate you go and pursue His purposes.

    God brought order so there could be life.

    God has a mission on this earth. Earth was beautiful. Sin broke it. Wheaton college - “Higher education is for Christ and His Kingdom”.

    You are a force of redemption on this earth. You take what is broken and make it right in Jesus name.